:This is where I go to meet, and chat with other lesbians around the world, it also has news, shopping, links, and lots of other cool stuff.

:This is where I get my free email, I have other email addresses, but I like hotmail, you can access it anywhere, and it is easy to remember.

:Shopping...I love to shop on Yahoo, especially music and videos, it shows you all of the online vendors, and you get to pick the cheapest one.

:This is obviously who I get my website through, but it also has several cool programs to edit gifs with, browse free animations, and website builders.

:I go here to meet new people who live in my area, I have met several friends through this service, and also have an ad up myself there...anyone single, check this place out!

:     If you have a cell phone, this is a good site to get ring tones for free, there are better ones out there, but you have to sort through lots of other sites that aren't much help to find them, and most of them you have to pay for them.  There is a better one that I use that you must pay for, but you get free stuff when you refer friends, so if you are interested in that, email me..



More to be added later....